Crystal Spaulding

Crystal SpauldingCrystal Spaulding

Data Analyst


Whether it’s providing the utmost care to her clients or helping her team in any way she can, Crystal knows how to truly support people’s needs by exceeding their expectations in care. Her years of work in EMS have allowed her to experience, firsthand, what her clients experience every day, especially in rural areas, which helps her immensely when guiding her customers to find solutions. Her favorite part about being a part of FirstWatch is seeing how appreciative the customers are, and how everyone—customers and colleagues alike—is treated like family.

Crystal’s expertise and empathy comes from her 13 years as an EMT (some of which was spent at SeaWorld, San Diego) and nine years on an ALS unit. In between her public safety-related jobs, she worked as an ICU technician who would occasionally assist in the childbirth center.

Crystal and her husband enjoy hiking, watching wildlife, and birding with their two daughters. Wildlife photography and paper quilling are passions and her dream is to travel all over the America’s with her family to visit different state and national parks.