Crystal Spaulding

Crystal SpauldingCrystal Spaulding

Data Analyst


Whether it’s providing compassionate care to her clients or just pitching in to help her team, Crystal knows how to exceed people’s expectations. Her many years in EMS have allowed her to experience firsthand what her clients do every day, giving her a special connection to them. Her favorite part about being on the FirstWatch team is seeing how everyone—customers and colleagues alike—is treated like family.

Crystal’s expertise and empathy come from 17 years as an EMT (some of which was spent at SeaWorld, San Diego, where she received the 2018 Sea Star Award for Excellence in Leadership). She also worked for nine years on an Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit and served as Associate Supervisor for the American Medical Response (AMR) communication center. In between her public safety-related jobs, Crystal also worked as an ICU technician who would occasionally assist in the childbirth center.

When she’s not on the job, Crystal and her husband enjoy hiking and birding with their two daughters. Wildlife photography is a passion of Crystal’s (“my dream to see as many species of wildlife as I can,” she says) and she hopes to one day travel across the Americas with her family to visit state and national parks.

As part of her dedication to wildlife, Crystal and her family volunteer annually for Christmas bird counts. Audubon and other organizations use the data collected in this long-running wildlife census to assess the health of bird populations and to help guide conservation action.