Israel Cintora

Israel Cintora

Software Development Manager


Israel Cintora works closely with our support staff to turnout virtually any trigger our customers might ask for. These can include trend based, performance based and much more depending on the needs of each individual customer. With every trigger he develops and duty he is assigned, Israel truly believes that each one can make a difference, “Thanks to what I am doing, our customers have a tool that enables them to spot activities happening in their agency in near real-time.”

Israel received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from San Diego State University. Shortly after graduation he began working in the IT department for Clinicas de Salud de Pueblo, a non-profit corporation providing primary care services. In the 2 years he spent there before joining FirstWatch Israel worked to develop their website, various applications and provided IT support to 14 clinics.

On the weekends you can find Israel cheering on his favorite European soccer team, Real Madrid, when he isn’t outside playing soccer himself. An avid traveler, he has already been to Guadalajara, San Francisco and Cancun, his dream is to travel to Madrid with the people inspire him most – his family. He and his wife, Monica, have three children, Israel Jr., David, and Patricia. A few of his favorite things to do are to catch a movie, go to church or take a walk in the park.

“Cheerful and helpful, Israel is a dedicated software engineer who cares and picks things up fast.” 
– Ed Chiu, Vice President, Engineering