Jazmin Cintora

Jazmin Cintora

Financial Analyst


Along with managing and ensuring accurate client billing, Jazmin assists with recruiting the top talent in the industry, bolstering office morale, and ensuring clients’ needs are being met. She is passionate about working in an industry that is motivated by helping others, and she has a continuous drive to learn.

Jazmin earned her bachelor’s in sociology, as well as one associate degree in administration of justice, and a second in social and behavioral science. Prior to joining FirstWatch she worked as an executive secretary for a business providing income tax and immigration services, and at a marketing company. In these positions, she was heavily involved in improving communications between branches and employees; she was also relied on for creativity, innovation and organizational skills, all of which have made her a dynamic and valuable asset to the FirstWatch team.

In her free time, Jazmin enjoys reading, self-educating, working out, and traveling.