Collaborate Live 2024


FirstWatch has held user meetings in conjunction with the Pinnacle EMS Conference for years. In 2019 we decided to have our own, hosting our first Collaborate Live events in 2019 and 2020 at our headquarters. Then we took a 3-year break due to COVID.

In 2023, we relaunched in a big way—with more than 100 attendees and approximately 40 FirstWatch staff in San Diego. It was an overwhelming success and showed an ambitious way forward, in which FirstWatch customer-partners and employees would learn from each other, in person, about the latest pressing issues affecting first responders and data analysis, all while having as much fun as possible.

Based on feedback from 2023, FirstWatch has built upon that success, while simultaneously offering more of what you’re after: more networking among peers, more personalized time for each agency, enhanced case study presentations, inspiring keynote presentations—and all of it against the inspiring backdrop of beautiful San Diego.

If you’re new to Collaborate Live or have attended in the past, expect to be inspired. Data, and the insights therein, is the present and future of emergency response.

What our customer-partners had to say at Collaborate Live 2023

What our FirstWatch team had to say at Collaborate Live 2023

Hear What Previous Attendees Have to Say…

“Fabulous experience! Completely worth the travel time and I can’t thank you enough for the experience.”

“Thank you for the incredible hospitality and making us feel at home and welcome. As someone who tends to be introverted at conferences, I felt the opposite – at ease and much more willing to engage with team members and users.”

“Very informative, learned a lot, friendly staff, great networking.”

“It was a great opportunity to see all the programs FirstWatch offers and to develop relationships with members of the FirstWatch team.”