Welcome to FirstWatch.

EMS, 911, law enforcement, fire, and public health are diverse groups representing different approaches to accomplishing their missions to protect and care for the communities they serve. One thing they all have in common is the need for meaningful data–and not in weeks, but right now.

FirstWatch turns raw data into meaningful information, helping agencies improve situational awareness, operational performance and clinical assessments. It does this by securely capturing, translating and transmitting information about their 911 callers, patients and systems–all in real time.

FirstWatch was first implemented in 1999 as a custom software solution for the Kansas City, Missouri EMS system, specifically as an early warning alert system monitoring 911 calls in CAD. It has since evolved as a much more powerful tool, able to monitor data from multiple sources, across local systems, entire states and even nationally.

FirstWatch is designed to be friendly–easy and fast to implement, with no change in the processes already in place to capture data. FirstWatch team members have more than 200 combined years of experience in public safety and software technology. Their role — from the engineers to customer support representatives — is to provide solutions, drawing upon their technology expertise and real-world experience in public safety to address your agency’s unique situations. Clients have called FirstWatch their “lifeline”, with team members who understand their needs and won’t rest until a solution is found.

FirstWatch Features

  • Dashboards for Performance Monitoring and Operational Reporting — FirstWatch dashboards enable organizations to proactively monitor response times, user-defined compliance rates, key performance indicators (KPI’s), profitability, quality assurance, operational measures and business activities — all in real-time — to mitigate threats before they fully develop.
  • Situational Awareness and Data Visualization Intelligence — FirstWatch protects citizens and first responders by enhancing public safety with real-time situational awareness dashboards and automated data visualization tools (including detailed drill-downs into qualified incident data automatically rendered on interactive maps, charts and graphs.) FirstWatch provides early recognition of suspicious activities, crime trends, arson patterns and other incidents of interest, including activities near or around high-threat facilities, as well as potential terrorism-related events.
  • Early Event Detection and Syndromic Surveillance — From potential pandemic disease outbreaks to bioterrorism, FirstWatch provides real-time situational awareness and automated alerting for public health directors, epidemiologists and other authorized team members via interactive web-based tools. The secure, detailed data displays are automatically created and updated by monitoring 911 calls, electronic patient care reports and hospital data, which FirstWatch analyzes for potentially threatening health trends, patterns or geographic clusters of occurrences, in real time, as they develop.