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W. Edwards Deming, one of the founding fathers of Performance Improvement once said, “Managements job is to improve the system.” He also said, “In god we trust, all others must bring data.” With our evolving performance improvement framework and our near real time data analytics FirstWatch is the perfect partner to help EMS organizations and other healthcare providers improve the care they provide to their patients, improve their service to their communities, improve the workplace for their teammates, and improve the sustainability of their organization. Our approach to supporting improvement efforts is built on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Model for Improvement created by the Associates for Performance Improvement in Austin Texas.

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Public safety and health organizations begin performance improvement initiatives to improve clinical outcomes and patient experiences and reduce organizational costs. If these efforts are not well executed, however, they can suck up time, money, and resources while yielding little in the way of real  improvements. The following selection of articles written by Mike Taigman highlight a variety of ways that you can make things better in your organization.

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