What We Do

Transforming Raw Data into Meaningful Information

FirstWatch turns raw data into meaningful information, helping agencies improve situational awareness, operational performance and clinical patient outcomes. Our system does this by securely capturing, translating and transmitting information about their 9-1-1 callers, patients and systems via FirstWatch triggers all in real-time.

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Real-Time Analysis
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Our Benefits

Easy Implementation

FirstWatch requires no changes in your system

Cost Effective

FirstWatch is a force multiplier, effectively allowing fewer staff to do much more


Ability to monitor and alert on virtually any data set

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to helping you


Receive real-time alerts on a variety of platforms


Correct a problem right now – not days, weeks, or months later


Our system and processes meet all HIPAA requirements


Join our regional, state, and national level databases

Mobile Apps

FirstWatch Mobile App on iPad and iPhone

Near real-time data at your fingertips on your iOS and Android device.
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FirstWatch Modules Include...

FirstWatch is constantly evolving in terms of how our clients use it to monitor and display data. In response to clients’ requests, FirstWatch developed a variety of tools which allow more sophisticated integration of data, views and analysis. In addition to the core system, FirstWatch created add-on modules designed to provide specific, enhanced functionality for authorized users.

What is a FirstWatch Trigger?

A FirstWatch “trigger” is a representation of data based on a set of user-defined data filter criteria using one or more FirstWatch analytical methods. Triggers draw data from one or more data sources, like CAD, ProQA, RMS and ePCR. Typically, data is consumed as events; each event is uniquely identified and has a date time stamp. Each event can also be supplemented with additional information, such as location and comments. » Learn more about Triggers

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