Online Compliance Utility (OCU)

What is Online Compliance Utility?

The Online Compliance utility (OCU) is a real-time web enabled tool for use by Providers and Authorities to simplify and manage contractual compliance. The web-based FirstWatch tool provides interactive queues with consistent look and feel for both the provider and authority, which allows for an on-line review of late runs based on business rules. OCU is capable of capturing late response analysis, evaluating complex business logic, supporting documentation attachments and auto generated reporting output.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time access to calls outside defined standards

  • Simple universal tool designed for both authority and provider

  • 3rd party transparency

  • Web-enabled, late run analysis can be completed anywhere

  • Automated rules designed to simplify and streamline the process

  • Save Time, Money & Resources

OCU Late Queue Dashboard
OCU Call Dashboard

Before we implemented our FirstWatch Online Compliance Utility, I would spend 20-30 hours every month processing the late responses and exemption requests, which included manually verifying the call information and personally calculating the penalty amounts by ambulance zone and then individually generating 10 invoices that were delivered via US Mail. Due to the time commitment, we were often 30-45 days behind in completing the process and getting the invoices sent out. Now, with OCU, I spend an hour or two a few times a month to go through the current late responses and exemption requests. FirstWatch generates the invoices and they are emailed to the providers directly, which has reduced our invoicing process by as much as 45 days. FirstWatch OCU has truly revolutionized our ambulance response compliance program.

Steve Carroll

Steve CarrollEMS Administrator - Ventura County Public Health Emergency Medical Services