Interactive Data Visualization Tool (IDV)

Interactive Data Visualization Tool (IDV)

Our Interactive Data Visualization Tool (IDV) is a modernized look and feel that allows users to interact with the data that has been configured for a particular trigger. The end user is able to view or filter based upon the desired data elements:

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  • Ability to search through filter criteria or apply and save custom filters to the users profile
  • Volume and Response Compliance Interval breakdown by: selectable data ranges, demographically, day of week/hour of day, station, company, shift, battalion, or unit
  • Ability to group multiple data elements and compare to previous day, month, or year
  • Flexibility in visual display allows user to change the display that is right for them
  • Ability to view data in grid that allows the end user to group by, hide or sort columns or modify the column order as well as applying custom filters and then export this information to Excel as needed
  • One IDV per agency at no additional cost, can be applied to any trigger – additional IDVs can be purchased

A 3-minute walk through of the New Features of IDV – 2023


Customize your IDV views with the Custom Set-up Tool.