Performance Plus

What is Performance Plus?

Performance Plus uses a combination of user-defined Primary and Sub-Triggers for measuring, monitoring and automating notifications of performance compliance at the overall system wide and now at the various individual levels. Primary Triggers will monitor the overall system performance based on the key performance indicators that have been specified, while providing a new aggregated view of the overall individual performance compliance using the same defined criteria. Sub – Triggers will breakdown and monitor from an individual level. 

The Performance Plus module allows for drill-down into performance criteria specific to units, people, shifts, stations, or other predefined variables. Call Takers (or individuals) can be granted access to the Primary overall performance Trigger with access to their own performance views only, while management and supervisory staff can access and monitor the Primary overall and all individuals from the FirstWatch trigger or Dashboard view. In addition, individuals can receive their own alerts for each call that was out of compliance, while management can receive overall and individual out of compliance alerts for each occurrence.

Key Features

  • Current, month-to-date and year-to-date monitoring for both individual and overall system performance

  • Drill down access capabilities to Primary and Sub Triggers

  • Near real-time monitoring of on-duty individuals

  • Overall and individual retrospective analysis via FirstWatch Analysis Tool

  • Automated Notification when out of compliance

By automating performance measures, it increases situational awareness and early detection of potential problem areas, which in turn allows for early mitigation – resulting in improved performance, compliance, and operational efficiencies. 

Examples Include:

  • Call Processing

  • Dispatch Performance

  • Time on Task

  • Hospital Turnaround Time

  • Alarm Processing

  • EMS/Fire Turnout – by unit, by station, by battalion, by shift

  • Response Time