ProQA Dashboard

ProQA Dashboard

The FirstWatch ProQA Dashboard gives communications dispatch supervisors a quick and easy way to evaluate their ProQA usage.

This dashboard allows supervisors to monitor incidents by determinants, or dispatch levels associated with key metrics in terms of case entry performance. An in depth analysis can be done on demand to monitor aspects of dispatch performance by individual or shift.

The Dashboard Monitors and Aggregates the Following:

  • Average Case Entry & Dispatch Time
  • Count of Cases Handled by Operator
  • Breakdown of Key Task Times
  • Distribution of Call Levels
  • Key Outliers for Incidents for Review

Key Features Include:

  • Seamless Interface with ProQA/Paramount for EMD, Fire & Police
  • FREE to Existing FirstWatch Customers with ProQA Interface
  • Multiple ProQA Measures in One Dashboard View
  • Monitor Pre/Post Caller Instructions
  • Determine if the Appropriate Dispatch Level was Assigned
  • Improve Call Processing Times
  • Refreshes Automatically!

At North Shore we run our business off of performance management – FirstWatch has been an integral part of that. The ProQA Dashboard has been a phenomenal tool in helping to improve the PAI side of Operations. We’re able to see exactly how much time our dispatchers are spending within various segments of the call. Because it’s all in real-time we’re able to facilitate on the spot conversations with those that might be struggling, or work on re-allocating calls from a perhaps overly busy call taker to one experiencing less volume.

James Neitz

James NeitzManager - Command & Control - North Shore - LIJ Center for EMS