Darlene Davis

Darlene Davis

Customer Care Consultant


Darlene Davis is responsible for overseeing project tasks, creating user accounts, documenting client communication and troubleshooting client inquires. Willing to take on any task, she hopes to alleviate the administrative tasks from higher management so they can redirect their efforts. “One of my biggest goals as an operations assistant is to exceed our customer’s expectations. In working to create success for our customers we can in turn help to make a positive impact in the world that is public health and safety,” says Darlene.

After receiving her degree in Global Business Management from California State University San Marcos, Darlene has held a number of administrative positions in commercial property real estate, medical billing, media buying and web design. Darlene even spent some time waitressing before transitioning to spend five years working for various software companies.

When she’s not working, Darlene spends time with her husband Michael, and young son Carter, who is happy, energetic, curious, and adventurous. She also enjoys running and jumping rope to keep her mind and body strong. With close to 100 first family members, much of her time is spent with family and friends doing anything from house gatherings to a night on the town in San Diego. Hoping to travel more in the future, her dream is to backpack through Southeast Asia.

“Darlene’s is instrumental with helping to keep the team as productive as possible.  Her enthusiasm and desire to learn is refreshing.  She has an incredible sense for anticipating next steps and just taking care of business.   She is all about the next challenge and taking it on with full commitment.”
– John Selters, Director of Operations