Debbie Gilligan

Debbie Gilligan

Director of Product Development


As our Director of Product Development, Debbie Gilligan’s responsibilities include building long-term one-on-one relationships, identifying customer pain points, and serving as the product development “compass” for FirstWatch when it comes to effectively communicating the changing needs of our customers.

For Debbie, it is the collaborative relationships with her customers and her grasp of the marketplace and user needs that drives her success. “It is my job to make sure we join forces with our customers to identify areas of growth and opportunities for improvement,” she says. “We don’t just stop there; it is important for me to ensure we get our customers the right products and the right technology. We have to give folks the rights tools and then show them how they can actually benefit from and use those tools.” With her industry background and understanding of the increased demand for reports in data and performance measures, Debbie knows how to maximize the benefits of FirstWatch so that our customers can get the most out of what we have to offer.

Debbie began her public safety career in 1986 working as an EMT and dispatcher for Hartson Medical Service in San Diego. After leaving Hartson, Debbie spent the next 20 years working for two large public safety software companies managing a team of industry experts in Telephony, Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile and RMS product lines before joining FirstWatch in 2008.

She has been married to her husband since 1986 and is a mother of two daughters. Debbie served as the President and board member for Susan G. Komen Inland Empire Affiliate for eight years, a cause near to her heart. Now she serves in the area of hospice care. Kauai is where you will find her once race season is over! A good practical joke can easily make her day, and Debbie even keeps a plastic cockroach tucked into her purse at all times. (You’ve been warned!)

“I’ve worked with and known Debbie since 1993 and I’ve seen her take on many roles and projects, all of which she handled not only well, but with grace and compassion that would make anyone proud!”

-Todd Stout, FirstWatch Founder & President