Francis Chue

Francis Chue

Software Development Manager


When customers use FirstWatch, they view easy-to-read, customizable web pages, dashboards, charts, and graphs designed to make it easy for them to interpret the data being collected by their 9-1-1 and public safety system. Customers access their data through FirstWatch’s highly sophisticated website — and that’s where Francis Chue comes in. Francis is one of the FirstWatch software engineers who ensure the website is running as it should, with constant updates and improvements to make it even more user-friendly.

Francis, a native of Hong Kong who spent much of his childhood in South America, earned a BS in Computer Science from Coleman University in San Diego. Before coming to FirstWatch in 2010, he worked as software engineer in the highly regulated gaming industry.

When Francis is writing new code or solving a coding issue, he becomes very focused and intent on his work–his colleagues know he isn’t interested in small talk until he gets things figured out. “Even though I always give the impression that I am a rather serious person, I am actually fairly easy going and do have a sense of humor sometimes–well, only on the first Tuesday of every odd month,” he says.

When he’s not in front of a computer screen, Francis likes to watch professional soccer, including World Cups and his favorite teams from Argentina and Spain. As a teenager, before he discovered the Zen of writing code, Francis worked as a busboy at a Chinese restaurant. He hasn’t eaten an egg roll since.

“Detail oriented and dedicated, Francis is an experienced software development professional and manager who takes each task and project seriously and provides exceptional insights all the time.”
– Ed Chiu, Vice President, Engineering