Janet Baker

Janet Baker

Technical Product Owner


Previously part of our Customer Care team for over 14 years, Janet has recently transitioned into Product, with a focus on IDV, Admin Tool, Performance Plus as well as any other areas needed. Highly detail-oriented, Janet’s precision and attention to the finer points of data allows her to help translate requirements from both internal and external sources to assist in growing our application and tools. She loves creating, solving problems, and bringing ideas to fruition.

Janet, who has her BS in Business Information Systems, has held positions in database administration and report development for a home health agency and a technical call center for a satellite TV company. Along the way, she received her master’s degree in elementary education and was planning on becoming a teacher. Then she got a job as an information technology manager for an ambulance company and was inspired by working in an industry where the main mission is helping others, often in their time of greatest need.

Janet joined FirstWatch in 2006 and says her colleagues have become her “second family.” When she’s not with them, she enjoys reading, doing yoga, and spending time with her daughter and new grandson. She didn’t think she would love being called “Grandma” but now says nothing brings her more joy.

“Janet’s client driven focus brings a great sense of caring and devotion to everything that she does.  She is meticulous in her report design and customer work and always works to provide the best possible solution to meeting our client’s demands.  Janet is also like the team’s momma bear… she’s always looking out for everybody to making sure that people ok, both internally and externally.”
– John Selters, Director of Operations