Jay Bechelli

Jay Bechelli

Project Manager


Jay Bechelli joined FirstWatch in 2005. As Project Manager, Jay Bechelli is charged with making sure the entire process of installing FirstWatch — from planning to legal to deployment — runs smoothly. That means keeping track of deadlines and budgets, working with other members of the FirstWatch team to meet project targets, and making sure that customer expectations are well-defined and being met, or even better, exceeded.

When he was in his 20s, Jay worked at all sorts of jobs — installing asphalt driveways, digging sewer line ditches and handling collections for a modeling agency — until he found his calling in health care and public safety. He became a hospital emergency department licensed vocational nurse, and later went to work in the field as a paramedic, a paramedic supervisor, and finally, director of what was then the city of San Diego’s paramedic communication center.

To unwind, Jay spends time in his workshop at home sketching, soldering and cutting stained glass to create windows and other pieces of art. Over the past three decades, Jay has created and sold hundreds of his stained glass creations.

“Jay has an incredible sense for organization and order, which drives him to get things done.  He’s always asking qualifying questions so that he has the best and most appropriate amount of information in order to help him make decisions in an orderly fashion.  He is one of the most caring people I know and is always looking out for the best interest of our customers and team members.”
– John Selters, Director of Operations