John Selters

John Selters

Director of Integrations


John’s focus is on client data source integrations, and he loves learning and working with the various data technologies used in public safety.

To John, who joined FirstWatch in 2007, data is more than a bunch of numbers. “Data tells a story,” he says, “and we help our clients by automating those stories and doing it in near real-time.” That enables EMS and public safety clients to quickly identify inefficiencies or areas for improvement and improve situational awareness when it matters.

John has wide-ranging experience spanning three decades in various EMS aspects, including in the field, dispatch, and public safety software industry. He began his career as an EMT in Orange County, Calif., and then became an emergency medical dispatcher. In the late 1990s, he transitioned into the technology side of public safety, holding numerous vital roles for a major public safety software firm, including director of technical services, regional account manager, sales technical engineer, and client account services manager.

John is married and has two children, and enjoys living in San Diego.

“I’ve known John since 1996 and he is one of the hardest working, most effective leaders that I know.”
-Todd Stout, FirstWatch Founder & President