Zian Choy

Zian Choy

Senior Software Engineer


Zian Choy is called upon to do anything from system updates to customer requests. Zian is eager to jump in and provide a helping hand wherever possible in order to get customer requests handled quickly. You are likely to find him exploring various websites to expose any security and privacy related issues.

Zian earned his BS in Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine while simultaneously working for the student center as their resident programmer. He has co-invented a video game and won second place at the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair with a software system. He also considers himself quite the reader when he’s not writing his next software application.

He was Editor in Chief of a monthly literary magazine after a management crisis. He reads a broad range of books and enjoys writing about them! Not only is he gifted with word, but music as well; Zian plays both the violin and piano.

“Always helpful, always learning, Zian is a dedicated software engineer who pays attention to detail and always comes up with a solution – and oftentimes multiple solutions!”
– Ed Chiu, Vice President, Engineering