Jack Stout Celebration of Life

A Celebration of the Life of
Jack Stout (90 minutes)

July 27th, 2022
at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Conference
Marco Island, FL, USA

View the Celebration of Life here, including the 7-1/2 minute video: Vision, Grit, and a Force for Change…

Jack Stout Celebration of Life

Apologies, the timestamps are not clickable.

0:00:00: Todd Stout Intro

0:04:46: Opening remarks from Mike Taigman

0:06:29: Vision, Grit, and a Force for Change – Video by Janet Smith and Chris Swabb

0:14:03: Jon Washko, MBA

0:23:28: Brenda Staffan

00:26:50: Roger Thayne, OBE

00:31:40: Jay Fitch, PhD

00:35:40: Joe Ryan, MD

00:44:21: Jack Stout EMS Fellowship Recipient

00:45:12: UMBC interview – Jack Stout

00:50:32: Todd Stout

00:56:08: Stephen Dean

01:07:52: Rick Minerd

01:12:05: Frank Gresh

01:15:19: Joe Ryan, MD

01:18:26: Wendy Stout, MD

01:20:40: Todd Stout

01:21:40: Video photo montage


Jack Stout Keepsake Program

Vision, Grit, and
a Force for Change (7-1/2 minutes)

(shown during the Celebration of Life and included in the full 90-minute video)

Video by Janet Smith and Chris Swabb

JS&A–On Assignment EMS Consulting Services

Vision, Grit, and a Force for Change

Jack Stout EMS Fellowship, Endowed by FirstWatch

The Jack Stout EMS Fellowship was developed by FirstWatch in cooperation with the Fitch EMS Foundation, a non-profit organization announced in August 2021 at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum. Led by Jay Fitch, PhD, its mission is to build on Fitch & Associates’ core value of leadership development by giving back through scholarships to emerging leaders.

We invite you to learn more about the Fellowship here, to apply yourself, or recommend a colleague.

Jack Stout Archive at the National EMS Museum

FirstWatch and the Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration have partnered to preserve the written legacy of the late EMS visionary Jack Stout. The partnership funded an online archive hosted by The National EMS Museum, making more than 100 of Stout’s articles and essays available to the public. Many of them appeared in JEMS, the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, beginning with his pivotal series introducing the concepts of high-performance EMS in the May 1980 edition.

You can visit the archive here.