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Law Enforcement

Agencies are faced with the significant challenge of making sense of mountains of crime data. FirstWatch helps by turning this raw data into valuable, actionable information available to law enforcement teams and other authorized stakeholder groups in real-time.

Key features for law enforcement

  • Usable data sources

    Any information that is captured in a database, such as CAD, ProQA or RMS, can be monitored by FirstWatch. The process is automated so there is no need for new training or any changes in how staff currently works.

  • Customize searches

    Analyze “free-text” in the notes or narrative to search for key words or phrases, partial-plates, suspect names, vehicle descriptions, or other helpful information that may be captured in the incident text.

  • Alerts via Triggers

    User-defined incident types are called “triggers” and can be set to automatically alert when established criteria are met or exceeded.

  • Manage trends

    Automatically mines and maps CAD, RMS and ProQA data for trends involving specified problem areas, or nature codes such as burglaries, robberies, SARs, gang activity, narcotics, sex crimes, etc.

  • Dashboards make data easy to visualize

    Data is presented on dashboards so users can quickly and easily see the status of any dataset they wish to–and on any device that connects to the Internet.

  • Real-time Geo-Fence Analysis and Mapping

    GIS data can be displayed on a map in real-time, creating a visual environment where the user can quickly analyze emerging trends and patterns.

  • Sentinel event/situational awareness alerts

    FirstWatch can be used to reduce workload and increase awareness by automating key notifications for sentinel or situational awareness events, such as a kidnapping, MCI event, shots fired, suspicious activity reports, hot prowl, active shooter, etc.

  • Customized alerting

    When a FirstWatch trigger goes off, the user determines to whom and how an alert will automatically be sent–for example, pager, email, fax, text message, etc.

  • Pre-set or customized triggers

    Users can use pre-set triggers to provide alerts for common types of incidents, and can also have customized triggers for their specific needs.

  • Early warning utility

    FirstWatch can be set to alert law enforcement, homeland security, and fusion center teams about potential early signs of a chemical, biologic, radioactive attack, or other concerning occurrence.