The Prepared Warrior Podcast: Policing in a Pandemic | Mike Taigman

The Prepared Warrior Podcast

The Prepared Warrior Podcast: Policing in a Pandemic | Mike Taigman

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Mike Taigman – teaches improvement science as an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the University of California, San Francisco’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership and as an Adjunct Professor in the Emergency Health Services Management master’s degree program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

He’s shared his perspective in 48 of the 50 states, most of the Canadian Provinces, Israel, Palestine, Australia, and throughout Europe. He is also a former law enforcement instructor with Caliber Press, the Justice Systems Training Institute, and Koga. Mike is the Improvement Guide for FirstWatch helping partner organizations make meaningful improvements by organizing and leveraging their data.

Before beginning a shift for the day, what is something those working in law enforcement can do to prepare themselves, knowing they are risking exposure to COVID-19?

For those working in a leadership role, what is important for them to keep in mind?

This pandemic has the potential to drag on for a long time, what are the possible effects of long-term heightened stress on first responders?

Can you explain the concept of crisis rehearsal and how that could be beneficial for law enforcement at this time? and more!

The Prepared Warrior

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