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Leadership in Turbulent Times

Recording coming soon. Most leadership systems in Emergency Services draw structure, rank, and practices from the military. Our approach to quality management tends to come from industry. Are our notions outdated? How is leadership actually practiced in the U.S. Military and industry? What can we apply to our own organizations as we face turbulent times? We explore these topics and more.

JEMS – FirstWatch and Fitch EMS Foundation Announce Jack Stout EMS Fellowship

The Jack Stout EMS Fellowship, endowed by FirstWatch, will be open to any aspiring EMS leader who is interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills to lead EMS systems now and in the future. Named for the late Jack Stout, considered to be the father of high-performance EMS systems, the Fellowship will allow selected individuals to learn the principles espoused by Stout.

Lexipol Webinar – Serving Amid Chaos: Taking Care of Your Community, Your Colleagues & Yourself

The events of the past several months have shaken the core of law enforcement, leaving many officers questioning their roles and even their career choice. The main threats facing officers used to be violent criminals, roadway operations and personal health risks. Today, the public, the media, bosses, elected officials and even family and friends can seem to pose a threat. How do you deal with the deluge of opinion, anger and confusion and still serve your mission? Law enforcement officers can’t...

Data-Driven Crisis Leadership

Over the last year several EMS organizations have closed their doors and some have barely survived—yet others have found ways to thrive. When a crisis hits, some EMS leaders hope, pray, and try to look like they have a handle on what’s happening. Others are masterful at using their data to analyze what’s really going on, to predict future issues, and to lead their teams through the crisis. In this session, some of the most effective leaders in EMS will...

Pinnacle Webinar Series – The Importance of Staying Connected While Practicing Physical Distancing: A Key Resilience Competency

Collaboration and relationships are a key component of resilience. The physical distancing required to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve has moved us towards creative ways to be connected, from Zoom hugs to virtual happy hours. During this interactive session, we will discuss the science behind the importance of relationships and ways to keep this aspect of our world alive without sharing the virus. Presented by FirstWatch Improvement Guide, Mike Taigman.

CDC Updated Infection Control Guidelines for Health Care Workers (Oct. 2019)

IN THE NEWS Target Audience: Leadership & management operational roles for those with occupational risk of infectious disease exposure(s) or even possible risk. All leadership & staff that are part of the occupational or medical services section of an agency, or is contracted with one that administers or provides occupational health services. The CDC just published an update to the Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Personnel, 1998.  One of the parts that was updated referred, in the 1998 document, to...