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Saving Lives Over the Phone: Improving Telecommunicator CPR

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Innovations in the science of resuscitation are exploding. We are developing ways to fully resuscitate many patients who we believed had no chance just a few years ago. For every one of these new practices to be effective, early recognition of cardiac arrest and early CPR is essential. When it comes to resuscitation some of the links in the chain of survival have a bigger impact than others. During this interactive Conversations That Matter, we were joined by our...

The Prepared Warrior Podcast: Policing in a Pandemic | Mike Taigman

Before beginning a shift for the day, what is something those working in law enforcement can do to prepare themselves, knowing they are risking exposure to COVID-19? For those working in a leadership role, what is important for them to keep in mind? This pandemic has the potential to drag on for a long time, what are the possible effects of long-term heightened stress on first responders? Can you explain the concept of crisis rehearsal and how that could be beneficial for law...

Opioids: How the City of Lowell, Massachusetts, is Fighting the Crisis

ICMA article delves into making real improvements within the opioid crisis, featuring our customer and friend Jon Kelley, Director of Operations, Communication, and IT for Trinity EMS, and FirstWatch Clinical Solutions Specialist, Sylvia Verdugo. Written by Audrey Fraizer, Managing Editor, Journal of Emergency Dispatch, International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.