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Who Was Jack Stout and Why Do His Ideas Still Resonate?

View Recording The late Jack Stout, an economist by training, is considered the father of high performance EMS. His public utility model, implemented in a half a dozen spots in the 70’s and 80s, transformed how communities thought about the relationship between efficiency, policy, and patient centric care in their EMS systems. Almost every EMS system in America includes elements of his design. He captured his ideas in more than a 100 articles and columns in JEMS, the Journal of...

JEMS – Jack Stout Archive Available at The National EMS Museum

The National EMS Museum will digitally transcribe and catalog the documents as part of its digital library and research archives—part of the virtual museum program created and maintained by volunteers. Many of the articles are already available in the museum’s online Jack Stout Archive. Additional material will be added in future months.

National EMS Museum – Coffee with Doc and Todd Stout

Dr. Richard Clinchy and Todd talk about Jack Stout, his impact on EMS systems and the academic research he conducted into how pre-hospital care is delivered, and hear about Todd's journey in EMS and what led him to form FirstWatch, one of the largest EMS tech companies in North America. To support the digitization of the Stout Collection at the National EMS Museum, please donate at emsmuseum.org/support