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Evidence-Based Quality Measures

A dialogue with NEMSQA President Michael Redliner MD about the value of national standardized evidence-based quality measures. We will talk about how the NEMSQA measures were created and how EMS systems can start using them to make improvements.

Preparing for Seasonal Flu in a COVID-19 World

Fever, cough, difficulty breathing, body aches, chills.  Sounds like the beginning of flu season—or maybe the continuation of the COVID19 pandemic. What’s likely to happen as we enter flu season during a pandemic? What can EMS systems do to set their employees and their system up to safely and effectively handle this combination? Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide at FirstWatch, facilitates a conversation with infectious disease expert Pam Farber, RN and Silvia Verdugo, MD, PhD, medical director of FirstWatch. Faculty:  Mike...

Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) August 2020

It is important to realize that this time, between August and November is the peak time for AFM.   Furthermore,  EMS Personnel and other First Responders should be aware of the signs and symptoms and other presentations of the syndrome, as well as how to further assess, monitor, stabilize/treat, and transport an individual (typically a child) with possible AFM.  The inability to recognize and manage AFM appropriately, including transport to an appropriate hospital, may result in a worsening condition and...

Latest Strategies on COVID-19 Mitigation On & Off Duty

Most Public Safety & First Responders, especially EMS and Fire that work around COVID often, are keen to decrease its transmission to themselves or others.  And, recent studies and articles have suggested more ways to mitigate the risk of exposure, both on and off duty. View/Download the full update with links

Latest Data on COVID-19 Mitigation On & Off Duty Resources & Links

There are a lot of recently published scientific & observational studies, editorials, viewpoints, and more about both medical and lay person PPE. This includes predominantly masks & respirators, but also other mitigation strategies that have been moved beyond ‘might this help?’ to ‘likely some benefit’. In some cases, recommendations from international and national organizations & agencies, as well as industry organizations, have been made. Below, are some links to some of those documents. All of them provide good information,...

Ebola Cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

The Ebola outbreak in the DRC Equateur Province in Mbandaka continues to produce new cases with a total of 74 known cases and 32 deaths.  There was only one new case reported on August 3 and no new deaths, but one new case and one new death reported on August 5 by the WHO African Regional Office.  

Updated FDA Hand Sanitizer Warning 8-5-20

There is an ongoing and escalating issue with hand sanitizers manufactured in some factories in Mexico, and sold in stores throughout the U.S, that pose a danger to those who use them.  This is due to either methanol being added or substituted for ethyl or isopropyl alcohols, or subpotent percentages of appropriate alcohols in them. 

Finding & Reading the Literature on COVID-19

There are very few positives that have come from this COVID-19 Pandemic, but there is one that has made it easier for scientists, health care providers, and anyone who wants to know what is happening, from a scientific or medical perspective, to have access to the latest information on a wide range of topics related to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. The downside is that those readers who are not used to reading scientific or medical literature, may not realize that the...

FDA Warning about Hand Sanitizers Containing Methanol

Executive Summary: The FDA has put out a recommendation that advises all consumers to NOT use any hand sanitizer products manufactured in Mexico by the company ESKbiochem SA de CV.  There is potential for these products to contain methanol (aka wood alcohol), which can be extremely toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested.  The FDA notified the manufacturer (6/17/20) that they should remove the products from sale but the company has not yet responded.  The FDA suggests that anyone...