Updates for Seasonal Influenza (Flu) for 2022–2023

Updates for Seasonal Influenza (Flu) for 2022–2023

After a couple of Flu Seasons that were extraordinarily mild, Seasonal Flu is back with a vengeance. It’s starting early and all indications point to a very active Season.  The FirstWatch Intelligence Page (HIP) has updated Flu Resources, both in written documents, as well as links to outside resources for quick reference.

Hopefully, these resources, as well as Weekly Flu Summaries of Flu Activity for the US and Canada, as well as globally, will help navigate this Flu season for your agency.

Intro to Seasonal Influenza (Flu) for 2022-2023

Seasonal Influenza Resources for 2022 & 2023

Interactive HHS State & Regional Map

Weekly US Interactive ILI Activity Map

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