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Resilience Dialogues – April 9th, 2021

These dialogues are open forums to explore resilience, all the things that cause stress in our lives, relationships, and more. Please join us for these monthly interactive sessions where everyone, including family members, is welcome. They will be held the second Friday of the month at 9am Pacific Time.

Resilience Dialogues – March 12th, 2021

These dialogues are open forums to explore resilience, all the things that cause stress in our lives, relationships, and more. Please join us for these monthly interactive sessions where everyone, including family members, is welcome. They will be held the second Friday of the month at 9am Pacific Time.

Art of Location: Large scale disaster prevention and mitigation

The strategy to overcome a disaster scenario is to mitigate or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Large public safety agencies at the national & international levels are the emergency release valve for tackling life saving activities. Join us for a fireside chat on emergency preparedness and disaster mitigation for large scale public safety scenarios.

Pinnacle Webinar Series – The Importance of Staying Connected While Practicing Physical Distancing: A Key Resilience Competency

Collaboration and relationships are a key component of resilience. The physical distancing required to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve has moved us towards creative ways to be connected, from Zoom hugs to virtual happy hours. During this interactive session, we will discuss the science behind the importance of relationships and ways to keep this aspect of our world alive without sharing the virus. Presented by FirstWatch Improvement Guide, Mike Taigman.

4th Webinar in a Series: COVID-19 EMS Patient Management: Myth vs. Reality | Recording and Handout

This joint webinar of PCC, AIMHI, IAED, NAEMT, CAA, and FirstWatch was the 4th in a series. We were proud to see that over 1,300 people registered for it. With Matt Zavadsky from MedStar moderating, our presenters for Solano County, California were Dr. Bela Matyas from Solano County Public Health, Ted Selby from Solano County EMS, and Jimmy Pierson from Medic Ambulance. They provided incredibly useful and practical information from their ongoing experience providing care for COVID-19 patients quarantined at Travis Air Base. One example of insight shared is how they balanced the needs of the community for EMS coverage with...

ResilientFirst™ Webinar: Keeping Your Cool

The ability to manage your emotions in the middle of a stressful situation is a hallmark of advanced resilience. During this webinar we explored the neuroscience behind emotions and learn tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to develop your “cool” in any situation. Presented by FirstWatch Improvement Guide, Mike Taigman.

FirstWatch Presents: Fire Operations Analytics/Accreditation Module (FOAM)

This new and innovative module provides dashboard views for Fire Management and Operations teams with views by Department Total, Fire Suppression, EMS, Hazmat, Technical Rescue and Medical Facility EMS in addition to the Annual Compliance Reports. Our Webinar presentation will include: An overview of the Automated Annual Compliance Report (CFAI Format V9) Bundle of Operations Report overview GIS Mapping Output of Compliance Reports Module Landing Page and Drill Downs This Webinar overview will provide a quick glimpse into a solution to meet your specific...

Building Your Resilience with Vision and Purpose

Building a resilient mind, body, and life requires several interconnected skills. Many neuroscientists believe that the ability to set and work toward a clear vision is the foundation on which all the others sit. The ResilientFirst system helps you develop the skills to set clear visions and achieve your goals. In this session FIrstWatch Improvement Guide, Mike Taigman will introduce the power of visioning for yourself and your organization. You’ll learn the five key questions that all leaders need...

Academy Analytics Webinar Series

Using what you learned from research to make an improvement! | Once something has been proven to be helpful based on research, the next challenge is to spread or diffuse the practice so that most patients get the benefit of the new knowledge. In this session we will explore the science behind a concept and then talk about chartering and executing an improvement project. Isabel Gardett, Ph.D., the Director of Academics for the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, will facilitate...

ResilientFirst Webinar – Enhance your team’s mental health!

Please join us for this overview of ResilientFirst, presented by Mike Taigman. You’ll have an introduction to the initial assessment and micro-task system for developing resilience and we'll discuss ways to help your team become happier, mentally healthier, and better able to manage stress. ResilientFirst is an easy-to-use, science-based way for emergency service and healthcare personnel to increase resilience in just a few minutes a day, preparing them to cope with stressors before they happen. Our vision is to make...

Academy Analytics Webinar Series

Understanding the Evidence: How to Consume, Interpret, and Use Research to Improve | We frequently make comments related to research and evidence, such as: "Does the data really support that?" "Studies show..." "There’s finally enough evidence to make a protocol change." What do these phrases really mean? Understanding the purpose of research, its place in our professional world, and how to assess the quality of a study improves your effectiveness as a leader or front line telecommunicator. In this interactive...

Resource Planner Webinar Series

This is part of an ongoing series of webinars for Resource Planner™ customers. (If you’re not a Resource Planner customer, but are interested in attending, please contact sales@firstwatch.net.) This Month's Resource Planner Training Webinar: Demand Analysis Spreadsheet and Resource Planner Overview We are excited to introduce a new monthly webinar series to help walk you through Resource Planner, focusing on the powerful, but complex features and functionality. The first webinar in this series is on June 28th from 11am to 12pm Pacific...

Building Resilience to Prevent PTSD, Decrease Suicides, and Increase Happiness

The little black ribbon across a uniform badge or posted on social media signals that we’ve lost another one of our own. More and more of those tragic deaths are from suicide, leaving public safety professionals searching for ways to help our colleagues before it’s too late. One promising approach is focused on increasing resilience, defined as the ability to advance despite adversity—to handle day-to-day stressors and major events like school shootings and natural disasters without suffering serious psychological...

Academy Analytics Webinar Series

Sign up for the free Academy Analytics Webinar Series to learn more. You’ll hear from colleagues as well as experts in the field of quality improvement about how you can use your data for quality improvement and operational awareness. Each webinar will feature a case study about how others are using this tool to enhance performance. In this webinar Mike Taigman, Mike Thompson, and Isabel Gardett, Ph.D., will facilitate this introduction to Academy Analytics and the science of quality improvement. Webinar...

Recommendations for Surveillance of EMS Data for Opioid Overdoses

An International Society for Disease Surveillance (ISDS) Webinar Following up on the poster presentation at ISDS 2019, Silvia R. Verdugo, MD, MPH, Mike Thompson, and Todd Stout of FirstWatch, will provide recommendations for mining EMS data to find opioid overdoses using approaches ranging from highly sensitive to very specific, depending on the need. These approaches are intended [...]

Not Your Father’s SSM

During this session, Todd Stout, the President of FirstWatch will show you the basics of SSM through the lens of today’s technology. Helping you provide the best possible care and service to your customers while taking good care of your teammates and your organization. Participants will receive a free copy of a sophisticated Excel template to help analyze your own system. Mike Taigman, FirstWatch’s Improvement Guide will facilitate the session. Webinar Date: November 7, 2018 View Webinar