Resilience Dialogues – November 12, 2021

Resilience Dialogs

Resilience Dialogues – November 12, 2021

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Resources mentioned during webinar:

911 Training Institute

The 9-1-1 Leaders’ Post Tragedy Care Checklist

EMS1 – Tactical napping: An EMS bedtime story

Resilience involves the ability to handle stress, bounce back, and move forward in life. The challenges of the last year highlight the need for individual, organizational, and collective resilience. We’ve learned a lot about how to build resilience and improve your ability to deal with all kinds of stress. These dialogues are open forums to explore resilience, all the things that cause stress in our lives, relationships, and more. Please join us for these monthly interactive sessions where everyone, including family members, is welcome. They will be held the second Friday of the month at 9am Pacific Time.

This Dialogue featured special guest, James W. Marshall, M.A., our hosts Mike, Kevin, and Rob, as well as contributions from our attendees. Topics included: the value of not “sucking things up”, integrated care, strategic leadership for your team’s wellness, 9-1-1 Leaders’ Post Tragedy Care Checklist, “911 brain”, home re-entry techniques, tactical napping, and more.

Special Guest:

Jim Marshall

James W. Marshall, M.A.

Jim is a licensed mental health professional whose 911 Training Institute (911TI) specializes in training for responder resilience and management of calls involving suicide and mental illness. 911TI has created a PSAP Peer Support Program model with a 40-hour certification curriculum, and provides extensive guidance to PSAP partners in building and maintaining these programs. Jim is co-editor of The Resilient 9-1-1 Professional: A Comprehensive Guide to Surviving & Thriving Together in the 9-1-1 CenterIn addition, Jim is co-chair of the NENA Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress Standard Workgroup, a member of the NENA Wellness Committee, and served as co-chair of the NENA Working Group developing the revised Suicide Prevention Interoperability Standard. Jim’s training, publications, research, and conference presentations are dedicated to fostering the performance, well-being, and quality of life of The Very First Responder.



Mike Taigman

Mike Taigman

Mike has worked in emergency services since 1974. He has a deep interest in stress management, resilience, and the science of how to make things better. He serves as the Improvement Guide for FirstWatch and teaches improvement science in the graduate programs at UCSF and UMBC. He’s the co-author of Super Charge Your Stress Management in the Age of COVID-19.


Kevin Hammond

Kevin Hammond

Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Positive Psychology and trauma in early childhood development. He has decades of experience in leadership development and resilience training. He co-leads the ResilientFirst program for FirstWatch.

Webinar Date: November 12 | Recording Available

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