Paramedic Chiefs of Canada – Developing a National Paramedic Workplace Violence Prevention Framework | Thursday, December 3rd

Paramedic Chiefs of Canada – Developing a National Paramedic Workplace Violence Prevention Framework | Thursday, December 3rd

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The presentation provides an overview of research conducted from January to September, 2020. This study focused on frontline Paramedics and leaders across all Canadian provinces to determine what was working well in workplace violence prevention and how that might inform the development of a national WVPF and strategic issues agenda as a springboard for future research.

Steve Sutton, whose Paramedic career has spanned three provinces over 20 years and covers practice areas such as urban and rural ground, air, fire-integrated, industrial, and remote EMS. Working as an Advanced Care Paramedic, primarily in the City of Edmonton, Steve evolved as a competent frontline practitioner while serving in multiple roles including mentor, preceptor, CISM peer, and union steward. Those skills and relationships laid the foundation for Steve’s approach and affinity for shared leadership as he took on more formal roles with the Air Ambulance and IFT Strategy program upon EMS transition to Alberta Health Services in 2009. Steve holds a Master of Arts Degree in Health Leadership and has great passion for workplace violence prevention, patient and family centered care, and organizational strategic planning/management.


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Webinar Date: December 3 | 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

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