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Too Tired to Manage Fatigue

Folks are tired. Tired of dealing with the virus, on and off duty. Tired of managing family and work life during COVID. Tired of masking, double masking, donning, doffing, disinfecting, and singing the Happy Birthday song at the sink. During this Conversations That Matter we, and our world class guest experts, explored fatigue, fatigue management, and how to safely ride out the rest of this pandemic.   Guest Experts: P. Daniel Patterson, PhD, NRP Associate Professor – James O. Page Professor of Emergency Healthcare Worker...

Situational Awareness for All Public Safety Responders

Police, Fire, EMS, and Corrections personnel (my apologies if I missed anyone) are all taught and practice situational awareness.  This practice is what allows so many First Responders to go home safe after shift.  In the usual application of situational awareness (Is the scene safe?  Am I?), most threats to that safety can be seen or heard. That changes when the threat (amongst all the others that remain) is literally microscopic.  And, the signs and symptoms of illness, a) look like...

New COVID-19 Resource Page on EMS.gov

A new COVID-19 resource page on EMS.gov provides easy to find links to the most relevant and up-to-date information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NHTSA Office of EMS and other Federal agencies involved in the response to the pandemic. This includes guidance for treating potential COVID-19 patients, information on PPE use and supplies and processes for handling healthcare providers who have been exposed to coronavirus.