Resilience Dialogues – February 11, 2022

Resilience Dialogs

Resilience Dialogues – February 11, 2022

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Resilience involves the ability to handle stress, bounce back, and move forward in life. The challenges of the pandemic have highlighted the need for individual, organizational, and collective resilience. We’ve learned a lot about how to build resilience and improve your ability to deal with all kinds of stress. These dialogues are open forums to explore resilience, all the things that cause stress in our lives, relationships, and more. Please join us for these monthly interactive sessions where everyone, including family members, is welcome. They will be held the second Friday of the month at 9am Pacific Time.


Special Guest:

Ginny K. Renkiewicz

Ginny K. Renkiewicz, PhD, MHS, Paramedic, FAEMS

Dr. Ginny Renkiewicz is an Assistant Professor at Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC. She has a passion for EMS research that focuses on EMS human factors and the wellness of EMS providers.

Ginny deserves to be elevated to the list of growing EMS research household names as she  was recognized with an EMS 10 award in 2015 for her contribution to EMS research and the creation of a foundation connecting several state universities and community colleges to conduct EMS research. Her aim, along with EMS10 Co-winner Sara Houston, was to conduct research events and promote research in the profession of EMS and also with undergraduate students.

At the recent inaugural International EMS Research Conference presented by the College of Paramedics, the Australian College of Paramedicine, and the Prehospital Care Research Forum at the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care, Ginny was the US Keynote speaker. She presented her paper, “Secondary traumatic stress in emergency services: quantifying and predicting suicidality, compassion fatigue, and the effects of vicarious trauma.” To add to the cool factor Ginny was once a set medic for the Rolling Stones!



Mike Taigman

Mike Taigman

Mike has worked in emergency services since 1974. He has a deep interest in stress management, resilience, and the science of how to make things better. He serves as the Improvement Guide for FirstWatch and teaches improvement science in the graduate programs at UCSF and UMBC. He’s the co-author of Super Charge Your Stress Management in the Age of COVID-19.


Kevin Hammond

Kevin Hammond

Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Positive Psychology and trauma in early childhood development. He has decades of experience in leadership development and resilience training. He co-leads the ResilientFirst program for FirstWatch.

Webinar Date: February 11 | Recording Available

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