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Turning Things Around in Oklahoma: Workload Management in Real Time

What would it mean to add an extra ambulance shift to your system? How would you like to add unit hours without increasing staff size and ambulance fleet for free? Learn how one agency used a special software tool to provide managers and care providers transparent data in real time that transformed performance and enhanced employee engagement.

Webinar hosted by:

  • Heath Wright, Director of Operations for Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)
  • Todd Stout, Founder and President of FirstWatch Solutions
  • Mike Taigman, Lead Improvement Guide for FirstWatch

Listen to Wright, Stout, and Taigman discuss EMSA’s challenges that stretched the ability of the EMS system to respond, and how they collaborated to develop the Workload Management Tool, a data analytics report that enhanced the systems effectiveness, and positively impacted the entire organization.

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