Edgar Guillen

Edgar GuillenEdgar Guillen

Data Analyst


Working as a customer care consultant at FirstWatch is the perfect intersection of Edgar Guillen’s two passions: his desire to help people and learning the inner workings of technology and data.

Serving as a Dispatcher and Associate Supervisor at American Medical Response and the San Diego Fire Department, respectively, for five years, Edgar understands the data needs of public safety and how to visually present it in a way that can lead to impactful decision making.

“Seeing both sides of the coin is a benefit because I understand what a customer wishes to accomplish as well as the know-how to provide a better product experience,” says Edgar

Edgar brings cherished past connections he built with patients and a strong understanding of ALS system status management, fire RMS, interfacility transports, and other facets of day-to-day public safety operations to his role.

There is no challenge too daunting for Edgar—if he can run with the bulls in Pamplona (true story!), then he can help our customers solve data challenges they face. When he’s not working, Edgar is hiking with friends, traveling, surprising people with his singing skills, or just hanging out at home with his wife and their two dogs.