Jake Weaver

Jake Weaver

Senior Technical Analyst


Jake was just 18 when he started his career in public safety as a dispatcher and has since worked for city, county and federal law enforcement agencies. After nearly two decades of experience in dispatch and 911 technology, Jake brought his knowledge and experience to FirstWatch, where he is responsible for overseeing and maintaining customer deliverables from the time a contract is signed until the account is fully implemented and turned over to the Customer Care team.

Jake is truly passionate about helping others. “Although I am no longer on the other end of the phone during someone’s crisis,” he says, “I know the work I do has a significant impact on the lives of many people.”

Jake loves the beach and San Diego, so moving to join FirstWatch, located in Carlsbad just north of the city was a dream come true for him. Other interests include travel (Australia is on the top of his list) and nature photography.