Jake Weaver

Jake Weaver

Senior Technical Analyst


Jake was just 18 when he started his career in public safety as a dispatcher. Since then, he has worked for city, county and federal law enforcement agencies serving the greater good. After nearly two decades in dispatch and 911 technology, Jake brought his knowledge and experience to FirstWatch.

“I have always wanted to help people,” says Jake. “And I have always had a deep affection for technology and understanding how stuff works. So FirstWatch was the perfect place for me to be.”

Today, as Senior Technical Analyst, Jake helps clients better understand their data by transforming it into digestible, actionable information. Jake is also a NetSuite administrator, developing and maintaining the NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning/Customer Relationship Management system and customizing it to meet each individual team’s needs.

“Working at FirstWatch truly doesn’t feel like work… It is something I wake up and look forward to doing. FirstWatch provides me with drive, focus and direction so I can continue to grow and learn.”

When not at work, Jake’s interests include cars (“I bought my first car when I was 14 and have owned about 20 cars so far in my life,” he says), traveling (Asia tops his list of destinations to explore), and living the SoCal life with his spouse. “There’s always something to do here,” he says.