Jenny Abercrombie

Jenny AbercrombieJenny Abercrombie

Marketing Coordinator

Jenny always knew she wanted to work in the arts and tech. When she came on board with FirstWatch she brought over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and graphic design. She has done everything from creating logos, to large scale in store displays, to running the servers and computer lab at an elementary school. Here at FirstWatch, she interacts with sales, product development, and customer service departments to make sure marketing materials are clear and helpful to the inside sales team as well as the customers. She also takes care of the brand identity, webinars, websites, and conferences.  “Making things come to life, is my forté, and I love making something out of nothing.”

Jenny has lived in Southern California all her life. She loves spending time with her four creative kids and partner, and is passionate about art, learning, all things nerdy, film projects, photography, drawing, painting, and dancing.