Jordan Hanavan

Jordan Hanavan

Solutions Specialists, Reports

Jordan isn’t new to public safety. In fact, he brings over a decade of public safety experience to FirstWatch, including serving as a firefighter paramedic and EMS educator. This background allows him to deeply understand the needs of our customers as a FirstWatch Solutions Specialist—a.k.a. an exceptional data concierge.

In this role, Jordan creates meaningful experiences for customers by delivering customized report solutions. He helps them turn raw data into actionable information that improves their operations and performance. He says the secret to this important work is building relationships and we couldn’t agree more.

A life-long learner, Jordan holds a bachelor of science in psychology from Brigham Young University and recently completed his master of science in business data analytics at Grand Canyon University.

During his college days, Jordan was a sought-after art model due to his flexibility and his likeness was captured in sketches, drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Now he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends and dreams of one day traveling to the Moon or Mars.