Mike Taigman

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Mike Taigman

Improvement Guide


As our leading improvement expert, Mike’s broad experience is put to good use by helping customers understand how to use technology, data and performance measures to make things better for patients, communities, providers, and organizations. His passion for patients, providers and improvement ties in directly to the work we are doing with FirstPass, where Mike is part of the team that interacts with clients to implement the tool.

“Helping our customers produce tangible improvements for the people they care for, the communities they serve, the professionals on their team, and their organization is my passion!” says Mike. His work at FirstWatch allows our team and tools to help EMS providers improve what they do for patients around the world.

During his more than four decades in EMS, Mike has focused the majority of his career on helping make things better. As a street paramedic in Denver he honed his clinical skills caring for patients and helping new paramedics learn to provide solid clinical care with kindness and compassion. As a popular conference educator, author of more than 600 articles in professional journals, and a multi decade Associate Professor in the graduate program in Emergency Health Services Management at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, he’s focused on helping professionals save more lives, reduce suffering, and be more effective leaders. As a consultant Mike has worked with EMS, Fire, and Public Health in 48 of the 50 states, most of the Canadian Provinces, Israel, Palestine, Australia, and throughout Europe. His expertise includes EMS Street Survival, Patient Centered Leadership, and Effective Quality/Performance Improvement. He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems, is an Associate Professor for the graduate program in Emergency Health Services Management at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and is part of the faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Mike, his wife Sascha, and son Ax regularly perform PDSA cycles aimed at increasing joy and happiness, yes you can do this at home!