Todd Blevins

Todd BlevinsTodd Blevins

Clinical Solutions Specialist


Todd became a whitewater raft guide before he realized he wanted to work in the EMS profession. It was while training to be a raft guide in West Virginia that he recognized the potential for serious injuries on the river, and the fact that he was wholly unprepared to give the necessary care. His interest in wilderness medicine inspired him to become an EMT, and then he quickly realized that he wanted to be a paramedic. Over the next two decades he went on to become a paramedic and flight medic, working in a variety of settings, in West Virginia, New Mexico, and San Diego. In that time, he also worked in training and quality improvement roles, which proved helpful to his job at FirstWatch, providing professional services and solutions to customers.

“I consult with medical directors, clinicians and QA/QI staff,” he says. “Together we determine the particular areas in which they wish to see improvement, and then apply FirstWatch solutions, using continuous real-time data output.” Inspired by the customers he gets to help, Todd appreciates that he can continue his career in the profession by supporting EMS and public safety professionals.

Todd is a life-long tennis player and greatly enjoys the outdoors, especially when it combines mountains, snow, and skis. He also loves spending time at the family farm in West Virginia.