Wayne Johnson

Wayne Johnson

Operations Specialist – OCU


Wayne brings more than three decades of experience in EMS to provide insight to customers who are using the Online Compliance Utility (OCU). The OCU module plays a pivotal role in real-time monitoring of response times compliance according to a specific contract, providing transparency to the process and benefiting both the provider and municipality. A member of the Operations/Support team, Wayne focuses on understanding customer needs and helping them solve their challenges.

Before FirstWatch, Wayne had a full career as an EMT, paramedic, EMS manager and a regional director. He served twice as the chairperson on the San Diego County Emergency Medical Care Committee and also served as the president of the San Diego County Ambulance Association. “Assisting people to better the services they provide to the public has been a driver all my career,” he says.

Wayne is low key in his off time, enjoying time cooking with family and friends, with an occasional road trip to the mountains or a drive along the coast. His extended animal family comes in a variety of sizes and includes a Springer/Clumber Spaniel mix and a Great Dane as well as Mr. Freckles, the world’s softest rabbit.