Fire Departments

Fire departments are increasingly turning to technology and real-time data to measure performance and operational benchmarks using FirstWatch. This includes automated analysis and reporting against criteria established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) criteria.

Advantages and Benefits that FOAM Provides for the Accreditation Process

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FirstWatch helps fire departments monitor and make sense of their data to improve performance and enhance situational awareness. FirstWatch uses automated fire-centric reporting and real-time, web-based data visualization tools. User-defined data filters called “triggers” help monitor your department’s performance against defined operational objectives, as well as provide early warnings and automated alerts for incidents such as bomb threats, hazardous material incidents, structural fires, multi-casualty incidents and more.

Key benefits for Fire Departments include:

  • A variety of data sources

    Any information that is captured CAD, Fire RMS or ProQA, can be monitored by FirstWatch. The process is completely automated so there is no need for new training or any changes in how staff currently works.

  • Improved operational performance

    FirstWatch monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, such as; response times by zone, crew or unit or chute times, reflex times or turn out times, in addition to other key performance measures.

  • Fire Operations Analytics/Accreditation Module (FOAM)

    Comprehensive data analysis and dashboard views for Fire Management and Operations teams with views by Department Total, Fire Suppression, EMS, Hazmat, Tech Rescue, and Risk Response Categories defined by the customer, in addition to Annual Compliance Reports.

  • Dashboards make data easy to visualize

    FirstWatch dashboards are viewable on iPad, iPhone (or other web connectable devices) so users can quickly and easily see the status of criteria.

  • Early warning utility

    At the same time it’s monitoring KPIs, FirstWatch can also be configured to alert for early signs of a hazmat incident, CBRN attack, or for naturally occurring events like epidemics.

  • Sentinel event/situational awareness alerts

    FirstWatch can be used to reduce workload and increase awareness by automating key notifications for sentinel or situational awareness events, such as reports of a suspicious package found near a high-threat facility, a hazmat call, house fire, or MCI events, to name a few.

  • Customized alerting

    When a FirstWatch trigger goes off, the user determines to whom and how an alert will automatically be sent–for example, pager, email, fax, text message, etc.

CPSE Sponsored Webinars

FFirstWatch Webinar sponsored by CPSE: Fire Operations and Accreditation Monitoring and Reporting | 2022

Featured Products

FirstWatch Mobile App on iPad and phone

Automated, real-time data analysis; based upon user defined data criteria


Fire Operations Analytics/Accreditation Module (FOAM)
Automated tool for CPSE & CFAI accreditation; both real-time and report views


Tracked via CAD, ProQA & ePCR data with automated alerting for EMS, Fire & PH

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Interactive Data Visualization (IDV) Dashboard
Custom dashboard views with interactive drill-downs to individual incidents

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