FirstWatch at Navigator 2021

FirstWatch at Navigator 2021

Note: Due to COVID-19, sessions and times may change. Thank you for understanding.

July 13–15, 2021

Tuesday, July 13 | 3:25 pm-4:15 pm Pacific Time

Academy Analytics Presents Dispatch Data in a Dashboard: You Gotta See it to Believe it!
Speakers: Carlynn (Page) Crampton and Scott Kraetsch

Running reports and trying to make sense of it all is so 1990’s! Join us for a fun filled enlightening session to discover how having dispatch data readily available can help improve performance, improve quality, and improve results!

Wednesday, July 14th | 3:00 pm-3:50 pm Pacific Time

Opening Channels between Emergency Dispatch and Field Response
Speaker: Audrey Fraizer Co-Speakers: Mike Taigman & Johnathan Basset

The other side got your stressed? We went to the sources and surveyed real-life emergency dispatchers and field responders to find out what it takes to build cooperative and supportive working relationships in a shared commitment to patient centered EMS. The results from both worlds might surprise you. Hint, it’s not about the protocol.

Thursday, July 15 | 11:55 am-12:45 pm Pacific Time

You can Control Your Stress so It Does Not Control You!
Speaker: Mike Taigman

Poorly managed threat stress is a primary cause of most of the serious diseases in the world including strokes, heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, and more. With COVID our stress levels have hit an all-time high. During this highly interactive session, you’ll learn quick and easy neuroscience-based strategies to control stress.

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See map below for locations of our FirstWatch booth and Academy Analytics booth.

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