FirstWatch at abc360 Virtual Conference | October 20-22, 2020

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In a nutshell: FirstWatch helps more than 500 customer partners across the USA & Canada leverage the value of the data they have in their Billing, ePCR, CAD, ProQA and other systems by providing near real-time, automated data analysis and automated alerts, dashboards and even Mobile App views via iPhone / iPad or Android devices – all based upon user-defined data filter criteria (which we call; Triggers). Thanks for your interest! We look forward to talking soon.

FirstWatch Mobile App on iPad and phone

Automated, real-time data analysis; based upon user defined data criteria

Pinellas FirstPass article

FirstPass® Quality Improvement
Automated review of every patient encounter (ePCR) w/ reports & scorecards

BAM chart

Billing Analytics Module (BAM)
Automated Billing Dashboard and Reports to help your team keep their fingers on days outstanding and cashflow, by payor type

Additional Products

IDV screenshot

Interactive Data Visualization (IDV) Dashboard
Custom dashboard views with interactive drill-downs to individual incidents


Tracked via CAD, ProQA & ePCR data with automated alerting for EMS, Fire & PH

Demand Analysis screenshot

Demand Analysis and Resource Planner™ Combo
Used to create the ideal schedule, based upon data & actual demand

ResilientFirst app on phone

Resilience Development App for Emergency Responders; custom content by user

FirstWatch Resources

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