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Leadership in Turbulent Times

Recording coming soon. Most leadership systems in Emergency Services draw structure, rank, and practices from the military. Our approach to quality management tends to come from industry. Are our notions outdated? How is leadership actually practiced in the U.S. Military and industry? What can we apply to our own organizations as we face turbulent times? Please join the conversation.

Building a Culture of Resilience with Resilience First Aid

Most Peer Support folks are not activated unless something bad happens to one of their colleagues. They respond with psychological first aid to help decrease the severity of psychological trauma. With Resilience First Aid your Peer Support team develop skills to help your team build a culture of resilience. A resilient team is much more likely to get through stressful situations successfully. Join us for an interactive session that introduces you to the Resilience First Aid framework.

Above Average: What if your benchmarks suck? – Round 2

Jack Stout used to encourage EMS leaders to compare their performance to the best systems in the country. He said, “If you only compare to the systems in your area, how will you know if you’re not just the cream of the crap?” In this highly interactive session, Dave Williams shares a cutting-edge approach to looking at your EMS system. Most systems have a desire to achieve excellence, but their methods for getting there don’t work. Dave’s approach helps EMS leaders build the capability to understand and meaningfully improve their systems.