Announcement of US Ebola Screening 9-16-19

Announcement of US Ebola Screening 9-16-19


It has come to our attention at FirstWatch, that some U.S. International Airports may have begun updated screening for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) on select flights, originating or connecting from Africa.  This is likely part of the response to an announcement by the WHO’s Emergency Committee that Ebola should now be considered a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on July 17, 2019.  This was done, amongst other rationale, in direct response to the spread of Ebola cases to a large city, Goma, with an international airport allowing for faster and more distant travel.  Also, for the first time in this outbreak, Ebola also spread to a neighboring country, Uganda.  Both seem to increase the risk of spread outside Central Africa to other countries and continents.

First Responders – especially those that may respond to and/or transport patients from airports and/or sea ports, may choose to consult with local Medical Direction, Public Health Authorities, and appropriate Agency Operations Staff to review, write, or update Ebola (EVD) or other infectious disease processes or determine other appropriate policies and/or procedures.

Below, are some links that may provide context and pertinent information: 

WHO’s Announcement of a PHEIC on 7-17-19:

CDC’s Guide to Contact Investigations Involving Travel Conveyance:

CDC’s Guide to Laws about Isolation & Quarantine:

CDC Guide for Ebola PPE for Healthcare Workers (revised 8-30-18) *:

CDC’s Guide to EMS Services & 911 PSAPs Interim Management for Possible/Known Ebola **:

Expert Collaborative Sample SOP for Medical Air to Ground Crew Patient Handoff: 

Expert Collaborative Sample SOP for Medical Facility to EMS Ground Crew Patient Handoff:

* This is the revised version of PPE for HCWs for use with Possible & Known Ebola Patients.  Any guidance regarding SOPs for Ebola should contain PPE information at least this current.

**  A link to the Interagency Board for First Responders and Ebola Care is appropriate to read but recognize that the PPE list and procedure predates the revision and should be substituted with the newer material.  This link was previously listed as Out-of-Date and not to be used but has since been updated with the new PPE document.  The EMS-specific algorithm (also a link) still has the warning.

Download the pdf to this update

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