Mike Taigman to Join FirstWatch Team: Will Focus on FirstPass Quality Improvement Tool

Mike Taigman to Join FirstWatch Team: Will Focus on FirstPass Quality Improvement Tool

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Encinitas, Calif. – February 1, 2016 – Starting in April, Mike Taigman will become the newest member of the FirstWatch team, President Todd Stout announced today.

“Mike is an industry leader and internationally recognized as an educator, facilitator, consultant and author,” said Stout. “The clinical experience, knowledge and passion for quality improvement he will bring to our team is nothing short of extraordinary.”

FirstWatch, based in Encinitas, Calif., began monitoring 911 data in Kansas City, Mo., in 1999. Since then, FirstWatch has grown into a leader in real-time data analysis in healthcare and public safety, used by more than 300 communities across North America.

Taigman will work with the team that interacts with clients to implement FirstPass, a quality improvement tool that automates the chart-review process and frees up staff to focus on improvement and training rather than audits. The popular clinical measurement and monitoring software has now processed more than 2 million ePCR records and performed more than 65 million tests for deviations from protocol.

Taigman comes with over four decades of experience in EMS, including serving as the general manager for AMR Ventura County/Gold Coast in California and teaching graduate school for the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Over the years he’s designed and implemented award-winning improvement initiatives including a hospice program that’s dramatically improved end-of-life care and a unique outpatient tuberculosis treatment program that recently won an AMBY Award from the American Ambulance Association.

Taigman has worked with fire departments, ambulance services, and professional associations in 48 of the 50 states, most of the Canadian Provinces, and in several other countries helping them improve their care for patients.

“Mike’s broad experience will be put to good use, helping customers understand how to use technology, data and performance measures for system and quality improvement.” said Stout. “Mike’s passion for patients, providers and improving systems of care ties in directly to the work we are doing with FirstPass,” he added. “It will allow Mike to help EMS providers improve what they do for patients around the world.”

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