Influenza Update Week Ending 1-27-2018

Influenza Update Week Ending 1-27-2018

Week ending 1-27-18 The CDC reported that influenza (Flu) activity, including diagnosed flu and Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI), increased again;  there was no indication that flu/ILI was waning.  All but two states, Hawaii and Oregon reported widespread flu activity.  There was an increase in the number of states that reported high ILI levels again, nearing the levels seen during the 2009 Pandemic.  The rate of hospitalizations for this flu season is greater than that seen during the most recent severe flu season of 2014-15.

The dominating flu subtype remained A H3N2, which is typically a more severe subtype of flu with increased complication rates.  Cases caused by Influenza B flus increased.

Although the highest risk for complications & hospitalizations remained in those 65 years or older, other age groups, ages 50-64 and in young children ages 0-4, also had higher rates of complications and hospitalizations.

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See this link for more details, including charts, graphs and maps.

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