CPSE – Fire Operations Analytics/Accreditation Module (FOAM) Webinar

CPSE – Fire Operations Analytics/Accreditation Module (FOAM) Webinar

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The FirstWatch FIRE OPERATIONS AND ACCREDITATION MODULE (FOAM) provides you with accurate and verifiable data that provides consistent and creditable management information based upon the accreditation requirements of CFAI and from any combination of data sources that are required to report on the specific dimensions of importance to you.

Providing automated Annual Compliance Reports (ACR) allows your agency to allocate expensive resources to things other than data gathering and reporting. The flexibility of the report allows you to report on your operational performance consistent with your Standards of Coverage and/or Strategic Plans Document(s) at any level (Station, engine, Battalion) over any defined time period.

A Report Suite of 10 Reports of Operational Performance enhances your public transparency while providing internal management tools. All provided with maximum flexibility that allows you to report operational performance across any time period and for any geographic area by Apparatus, Equipment, Station, Battalion or District.

Operational reports include:
  1. Unit Hour Utilization
  2. Medical Transports or Transport Assists from FD Paramedics
  3. Annual Compliance Report
  4. Time Segment Analysis Graphs
  5. Turnout Time Analysis
  6. Geospatial Reporting and mapping by user defined layers
  7. Incident Count and Response Performance Report
  8. Exclusion tools and reports (allow you to manually exclude calls from data set and generates a report on all excluded calls and the reason for the exclusion)
  9. Station/Unit Reliability
  10. Demand Analysis (Heat Table for day of week and hour of day)

All performance parameters are reported over time and data is applied to Statistical Process Control Charts to help your agency identify areas of common cause and special cause variation in your response systems.


Chris Carlson, FirstWatch Product Manager

Chris is a former paramedic, firefighter, and Fire Chief, but In addition to his field experience, Chris has held a variety of leadership roles including serving as a Board Member of the League of California Cities and California Fire Chiefs Association, Chief Operations Officer at Transcare, and Vice President of Xerox Corporation. Chris holds both an MBA and Bachelor’s Degree from University of Redlands and an Executive Fire Officer Certification from the National Fire Academy. He has significant entrepreneurial and venture capital experience, working in a leadership role with two different financial services firms.

Terry Fitch, FirstWatch Sales Manager

Webinar Date: June 3, 2020 | Recording Available

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