Ebola in Guinea & the DRC Update

Ebola in Guinea & the DRC Update

There are now two separate Ebola Outbreaks in Africa; one is in the DRC and the other is in Guinea. Guinea, in West Africa is where the Ebola Epidemic of 2014-2016 occurred, which spread to countries in and out of Africa, including the United States. The last Ebola Outbreak in the DRC just ended 11/20 after 5 months.

In an abundance of caution, the US Government has vowed to assist the WHO and other Partner Agencies with stopping the current outbreaks in both countries. The CDC, HHS, and other government departments have put in place several programs to avoid unessential travel to those countries, receive contact information and travel plans of those flying through or coming from the affected countries, and funnel all of these passengers through just 6 US airports. This article outlines these programs, available information about the Outbreaks, and suggestions for First Responders, particularly EMS and Fire/EMS Agencies & Responders. A list of pertinent Resources & Links is also provided.

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