Ebola (Sudan strain) Outbreak in Uganda

Ebola (Sudan strain) Outbreak in Uganda

Uganda announced that they had an outbreak of Ebola, caused by the rarer Sudan viral strain on Sept 20, 2022.  Although the rate of new cases has slowed, there is still concern since there are no treatments, other than supportive care for this strain, and the vaccine, used in previous Zaire-strain outbreaks, is not effective on the Sudan strain.  Also, the counties affected are in an area with good roads & close to the capital as well as the DRC, with lots of travel in and out of the area.

Both the US & Canada have issued Level 2 Travel Advisories for those traveling to/through Uganda suggesting enhanced precautions, and a Health Advisory from the US has also been put out through the Health Alert Network.

This article & the Resources & Links page will provide an update on this Ebola outbreak. Also included, is what First Responders and their Agencies can do to prepare for the improbable, but not impossible, visit to the US or Canada, of an Ebola-infected person.

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