Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine Information

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine Information

The Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) Vaccine started distribution this month and has been used at vaccination sites throughout the US. This vaccine is a different type of vaccine, called a virus vector vaccine; it requires only one shot to achieve full vaccination.  The vaccine is also easier to store since it needs only refrigeration and has a longer shelf life.  This article covers what is known about the vaccine and what is not, including how the vaccine was developed and works, side effects and allergic reactions.  Furthermore, that even after vaccination, it is essential that everyone continue their current protective behaviors, particularly with the finding of COVID-19 Variants in the US, except as provided for in the 1st CDC Guidance for Those Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19, published on our Health Intelligence Page 3/22/21. 

There is also a list of Resources & Links, complete with titles, to delve further into the subject.

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